More About Sloche Co.

Sloche Co.'s website is entirely in French. Welcome to Quebec!

If you understand French, after registration, you'll have access to the Sloche site, and be able to enjoy Sloche-themed games, chat, graphics, and more.

Hahahaha! I was just doing a Google session on Couche-Tard and Sloche Co., and guess what I found?? Their MASTER PLAN for marketing Sloche brand candies and drinks!

* Sloche Co.'s master plan to "corner the slush market by toppling the leader": Slush Puppies!

* The fact that slush is the 6th most frequently purchased product in convenience stores by 12 to 18 year olds! Wonder what numbers 1 through 5 are??

* The big secret revealed: Sloche Co. likes things that are politically incorrect! No, really???
... And so much more interesting stuff. Seriously, it's weird I found this on Google. I dunno, a company posting its tactics online like this? Sheesh.

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