Sour Watermelon-Flavoured Gummi Crocodiles

Floral shower caps are all the rage this season.

Sour watermelon-flavoured gummi crocodiles, what could be better. These look really tasty too, in the package, they're dark-green coloured gummies, coated with sugary powder. Yum. Here we have an hilarious picture featuring a big-bellied crocodile, lounging in a deck chair. Croc rests one contented hand (claw?) upon his distended belly, as though having just finished a delicious large meal; you know, how you get after Thanksgiving dinner. Our croc is wearing a floral shower cap - great fashion accessory! A closer examination of the crocodile's mouth reveals amphibian limbs protruding from betwixt croc's teeth; and indeed, croc's final, hapless prey holds up a small sign saying "AYOYE!" This is a French expression, roughly the equivilent of "OUCH!". Croc sure does look contented, but his bulging gold eyes have an evil, sort of ominous look in them.

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