Wildberry-Flavoured Gummi Humanoids

In-Hu-Man-Oids! In-Hu-Man-Oids!

"Humanoides". For you non-French-speakers, that's pronounced, "hu-MAN-OH-EADES"!!! Basically, space-alien-face-shaped gummies. Hahahaha! The package isn't particularly shocking in itself, but the actual candies are funny. Behold:

Look, you can actually see a very detailed, alien or skeletal-type face in the gummie's shape. Does this not remind you of Skeletor from He-Man? Cool. As I've said before, gummies are not exactly what you'd call health food. The "Wildberry" label here is perhaps the scariest part of these candies. Seems to me, that "Wildberry" is just a flavour name they tack on when they can't figure out what else to call the flavour, based on (I guess) their focus-group (or animal?) tests. Basically, it's a flavour cop-out. Like, "Oh no? (or... if you prefer, because this is Sloche and it's Quebec, and it's French... "OH, NON??? HOSTEE....") That dosen't taste like anything you've ever tasted before? Well, that's because it's Wildberry-flavour, you just must have never tasted that particular WILD BERRY ever before! Are you sure you've sampled particularly every single wild berry there ever possibly is???" I dunno, kinda sketchy. To me, "Wildberry" is just what they call flavours when the glucose just doesn't fit any particular category (orange, apple, cherry, etc.). Whatever!

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