Apple-Flavoured Gummi Frogs II

That drool is going to form a nasty puddle... better put a "wet floor" sign up!

Sloche apple-flavoured frogs. This seems to be some sort of tropical amphibian of the sort I've seen in Cuba or elsewhere, with oversized suction-cup "fingers". Frog is drooling profusely from his idiotically grinning maw. I think this frog might be some kind of a "Special Olympian". His teeth are missing, now THAT's truth-in-advertising because you don't really need teeth to gum gummi candy.

I quit sampling the product long ago so I've got no idea how these might actually taste, but frankly they don't look all that appetizing!

This package is actually a re-hash of another apple-flavoured gummi frogs package. Why the Sloche Co. chose two separate and disparate packages for one flavour of candy is beyond me. Maybe too many people complained about the first one? Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Sloche Co.

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