Sour Fruit-Flavoured Gummi Bears

Next, another type of Sloche oursons (bears). The package featured above contains 96 grams of chewy sour fruit-flavoured gummi bears. What is going on here!? This time, our gummi has been involved in an unfortunate accident! He has just been hit by a car, and appears to be in a world of pain, with both his legs missing, presumably amputated as a result of the accident! Other body parts of our gummi have also been affected, and lay strewn about upon the hood and roof of the car! Most unfortunate. gummi bleeds yellow blood from one severed limb... disturbing, disturbing, disturbing. Again, the horrible maiming & possible death of an innocent, is being used to push candy. Very weird.

What suffering is this!? Why use it to market gummi bears? Creepy.

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