Hairball Cotton Candy

Here, for a change, we have some cotton candy; as opposed to gummies! Okay... I realize the container is actually empty. I can't help it if cotton candy has been one of my favorite treats I've never outgrown, ever since I was a child. This cotton candy was WAY good! Sorry, I just couldn't help myself, but I think it was pink and blue coloured, FYI. The cotton candy (known in French as "Barbe a papa" - literally meaning "Father's beard" - hahaha!) comes in a 60g plastic bucket. Here we have a rather sickly and wan-looking feline who apparently has just recently coughed up a mighty hairball. We can see the pile of purple, coughed-up hair on the picture on the bucket; and detritus still dangles from our feline's lips. How fortunate that the Sloche company was there to capture this delicious treat!

There, there, kitty. We'll get you some help for that.

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