Strawberry-Flavoured Gummi Spiders

This is the package which stirred up all the racist controversy.

It's a spider, or tarantula, on top of a guy's head. People freaked out because it's a black guy, and the spider's legs represent his dreadlocks.

I think it's all a bit silly, personally.

This candy is meant to be a joke, fun, humorous, maybe a bit disturbing, but that's the way Sloche brand candy is! I'm a blonde, I don't get into an uproar when I hear or see a blonde joke (and there are plenty). Oh well! Some people are more sensitive than others, go figure. Anyway, this candy was removed from Couche-Tard shelves sometime in the summer of 2005 or so. I'm still kicking myself, because I can distinctly remember going into Couche-Tard and seeing this package there on the rack, but I never bought it! Now it looks like it's gone forever....

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