Fruit-Flavoured Gummi Sharks

This time, the candy featured is gummi requins (sharks) instead of gummi bears. The candies are vaguely shark-shaped. The scene portrayed on the packaging here, for a change, does not feature death and destruction. Rather, we see a shark-like figure being compared to... a lighter?!? Excuse me if I just don't see the obvious connection. What were they thinking here? Everyone knows that Quebec is "Canada's Smoking Section", but this is ridiculous! What the heck does a lighter have to do with either sharks or candies? I wonder if the Imperial Tobacco company is somehow involved here (NO... I won't post a link to that crap, either). Gotta wonder, what message is being sent? Lighters are cool? Sharks make you want to start fires? I have no idea. Very weird and confusing.

Lighters & sharks. They go together like... salt & pepper, ebony & ivory. Of course.

UPDATE: Many kind souls have happily left me feedback or e-mailed me in order to clarify the above issue! Popular opinion appears to hold that the scene portrayed above is of the gummi shark having been melted by the lighter depicted on the packaging! Thanks to everyone who aided in clarifying this, and now that I take a closer look at things, this does make sense and appear to be the case! Death by melting. Heinous. Yet another example of the level of depravity of Sloche brand candy packaging.

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