Sour Green Apple-Flavoured Gummi Rats

I'm sure this package is a favorite of PETA!

Ho-ho! This is probably one of my very own personal favorite Sloche brand candy packages of them all! It's simply vile, but simply hilarious at the same time! An infuriated rat holding up a sign protesting animal tests! Rat sports a lab-animal type ear tag; and his belly prominently features a band-aid "X" where he has obviously been experimented upon. How terrible for him, but isn't it always the victims who must stand up and defend their rights? I believe this may be the very first time in the history of -- well, ever -- that gummi candies and animal testing have been mixed together; and the result is definitely oddball. I mean, you want to enjoy candy, but what gives? Now you have to wonder if Sloche has some secret lab somewhere where they're experimenting, feeding gummies to rats! Gummies aren't exactly health food, after all, you figure they must have been tested somewhere! But then why invoke this on the candy's packaging? Sheer weirdness!

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