Fruit-Flavoured Gummi Bears

First up: Sloche oursons (bears). The package featured above contained 96 grams of chewy fruit-flavoured gummi bears (before I ate them). Look closely at the image above... it portrays a gummi bear in the throes of a most horrible death! Our gummi is tied by a rope about one ankle, just below the surface of some water! He appears to be drowning, or perhaps, has just drowned - note the few air bubbles portrayed escaping from the gummi's face... his last breath, perhaps? Some kind of mafia hit? Our gummi has obviously been horribly murdered! Adding insult to torment, life-giving fresh air is just out of the gummi bear's reach, as he suffers his inevitable fate, face turned upwards towards air he can see but not obtain. Horrible. This package portrays an image of suffering and death not normally associated with gummi bears.

Poor gummi bear... drowned. Rest in peace.

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