"Ca viens de sortir" ("it's just come out") here is a double-entendre, get it? Ewww. "Liposuccion" is Sloche's newest flavour.

A big ole' cup-o-liposucted-fat, what could possibly be more refreshing on a hot summer's day? Mmmmmm.....

Okay, this might be gross, but I have a theory: what do you think?

You know candy isn't a health food; neither are "Sloches" or "Slurpees" or "Slush Puppies" (sugary drinks...you get the idea). Yeah, so what if you drank like 10 of them a day, for around the whole summer; let's say for three months or so? AND THEN let's say you WENT TO GET LIPOSUCTION to remove the fat you'd accumulated from drinking so many sugary-calorie-laden-junk-food-Sloche drinks! Weird idea n'est pas?

Check out this video publicity for Sloche "Liposuccion" below (warning: gross / funny):

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