Introduction To Sloche

There is candy being sold in Quebec, Canada, under the brand name "Sloche".

One can purchase these candies primarily at Couche-Tard dépanneur outlets. In the province of Quebec, "Couche-Tard" is the name of a chain of convenience stores, or "dépanneurs".

The candy is just gummi bear-type candy in different flavours and shapes; but the marketing motifs on the packaging used for the candy are creepy, disturbing, oddball, and weird; as you shall see. Many Sloche brand candies come in black packaging portraying images which are very, very strange; dark, and even macabre; not scenes normally associated with candy. The images on the packaging evoke suffering, death, torture, torment, pain, and confusion.

Imagine kids trying to pick between the various gummies, based on the packaging. "Should I get the drowned gummi bear? Oh no, how about the dissected frog? The shark looks nice... cool lighter!" Etc, etc, etc. Is this supposed to be "candy noir"? Did the devil himself have a hand in this marketing campaign?

The sheer oddness of the images on the packaging used for Sloche brand candy is what drove me to feature them here. Definitely creepy and strange, yet somehow; funny and innovative at the same time! Granted, Quebec is a strange place, with customs and cultures all it's own; but the oddball marketing of Sloche products really stands out as unique.

Sloche brand candies have been around for several years now, and used to be a regular sight at Couche-Tard; prominent and replete with their own special display case. However, of late I've noticed them slowly disappearing! I have a feeling that these candies may be being phased out slowly to make room for new ideas. You can still find Sloche candies, although they are becoming more & more rare; and this is all the more reason I want to showcase and preserve them here, for posterity; before they disappear from Couche-Tard stores forever. We might never see anything like these again, and they are unique!

Are these candies perhaps, supposed to be marketed towards teenagers, instead of little kids? I don't know. Are they any worse than candies that come out of toilet-bowl shaped dispensers, or candies that come out of a garbage-can shaped dispenser? I don't know that either! But I DO recall loving the garbage-can-dispenser thing, when I was a kid! Whatever happened to the days when candy had nice cartoon characters?

The bottom line: I find these candies to be both humorous and disturbing at the same time. You have to admit, the concept is creepy... but somehow, funny at the same time.

Mmmm... gummi bears.... Anyway, without further ado... on to the candies!


Anonymous said...

Silly Quebecers, Trix are for kids.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your site! I learned some stuff about Sloche and your explanations are really good.